Sunday, 18 August 2013

'I bought frilly socks.. Am I a Hipster yet?'

Hello you gorgeous people, happy Sunday to you!
Recently I have been on tumblr, no I don't have an account, I just somehow ended up on there whilst googling 'frilly socks', and I am seriously scared of what I am about to become. You see, there is always that stereotypical 'tumblr girl and tumblr boy' who usually (for the girls) have round sunglasses, and beanies with cool catchphrases on them, and most importantly for both genders, it's literally all about starbucks. But recently, the style of these girls, has been most definitely developing, to become something that's very close to a schoolgirls style? Think about it, a lot of them are slowly going from beanies to blazers, ditching the knee high socks for.. frilled ones. Now since I'm only fourteen, school uniform hasn't really changed, but all I remember, is that in the summer girls always had to wear these horrible blue checkered summer dresses, with frilly white socks, and buckled dolly shoes. I can honestly tell you now that we most definitely didn't have the worst uniforms in the county, but we were a close second, since we looked like four year olds till the end of year 6, which is basically when most of my year turned twelve.

So when I saw that these socks were making a comeback, nostalgia hit me, hard. After seeing the different types of colours and patterns that were on these socks, socks won me over and I ended up taking to the wonderful world of the web to find some that fitted my taste. When it comes to clothes, I'm a weird mix between constantly wanting to wear dresses, and constantly wanting to wear oversized hoodies - forever. 
After about half an hours research (which was enough for me after being bombarded with frills) I took to TOPSHOP on one of my recent shopping trips, and took advantage of their '3 pairs for £8' bargain (which isn't really, I mean, you shouldn't pay £3.50 for individual pairs, right?) 

As you may have probably noticed, I don't have the biggest feet in the world, in my village for that matter. I'm a tiny size 2-3, a fourteen year old girl who also has hands that, if she goes and gets a small plastic plate from the cupboard, doesn't even fill that plate. But since the TOPSHOP socks are indeed 'one size for all' it made it so much easier for me to find some. I went with the 'pink frilled' ones, the 'blue frilled', and the 'dinasour print.' I didn't really fancy yellow socks since they looked to much like primary school ones, so I went and got the comfy dinasour ones. I seriously am picky with socks, I only like thin ones, that don't scratch against your heel when you pull them up, so I really like these ones. I definitely recommend TOPSHOP socks to people who are willing to pay a little (maybe a lot) more for cool and quirky pairs, and to people who don't like annoying little things that won't come off your feet at the end of the day.

So what do you guys think about the frilled sock trend? Does it bring back memories, or are they just too 'tumblr' for you?


  1. I love the frilly sock trend although I do think the 3 for 8 pounds is so overpriced! I ahve bought the Topshop ones but it is a bit of a waste of money xxxx

    Imogen <3

  2. I think frilled socks are adorable but then it'll have been a long since I wore them at school, I can see why the more recent memories for you could cause some conflict!

  3. I have similar frilly ones from Primark. I do however always seem to get sucked into Topshop's Sock deals! I love the fancy designs! xo
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  4. Me loves them, I featured them in my latest post too haha!

    Zoe xx

  5. I love them too! but i haven't quite managed to persuade myself to purchase some of the really frilly ones yet just slightly frilled international ones :) haha