Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to School Playlist: Beat the Blues...

Hello Everyone!
It is finally time for most of us to say goodbye to summer, and finally leave it be for another year, since school is starting. Personally my holiday has been ridiculously busy, but I've also loved every minute of it, holidays just seem to go extremely fast when you are having fun, and I know most of us have. It's also time for a lot of people to go back to work or start university, which for some people can be a bit of a pain in the bum, so I've organised this playlist to beat the post summer depression, and definitely relax you if you are stressed. I know what you are wondering, no one direction Anna? Well, I have been told to shut my fangirl mouth for a bit about them and leave you be, but don't worry I have managed to fit some bubblegum pop in there, sorry guys, but I think you will love it!

My music taste is most definitely mixed, so I have no idea what songs I will like in the charts, it just has to bring my attention to it, which isn't hard because I'm not picky in the slighest. I've also done a bit of a mixed playlist because I know you all have different tastes, and I've tried to fit a lot of different genres into this mini playlist, which I hope doesn't disappoint.
(from the the top left corner) Vance Joy - Riptide, Ellie Goulding - Burn, Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) - Try Hard, Ed Sheeran - Cold Coffee, Demi Lovato - Firestarter, Citizens! - True Romance, Little Mix - We are who we are, and Daughter - Youth.

I've named all the songs/albums above, so if you want to google them to have a listen or whatever, you can. I think these are all the official covers besides Demi's which is a fan made one off tumblr.

Vance Joy - Riptide:
I've only just discovered Vance, but I think he has a lot of potential, and with a little nudge, he'll make the the top 40 no problem. The song I've chosen for my playlist is Riptide, it's a sweet little song that steadily gets faster with a good beat. The video is a really good watch, and it's just a really simple but light song, a really good one to relax to.

Ellie Goulding - Burn:
This is a slightly faster and more dance type song, but as we all know Ellie Goulding is too floaty to be a dance singer. I really like this song because even though the song has a really powerful rhythm that you can dance to, you can also chill to it since Ellie has this angelic voice that even I could fall asleep to.

Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History (Album)
Now I'm a massive fan of two door cinema club, and they are a great indie band that you can listen to whilst doing your homework. Now if you aren't a great multi tasker (like me) this album is perfect for you to relax whilst doing your homework, but without it annoying and distracting you. Just put it down a notch, and listen to some of the slower songs on the album, it works trust me.

5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard
Try hard is a great feel good song to start off your day, it's based loosely around a girl that they are trying to get, but she plays hard to get, but then it's all sunshine and rainbows and they end up together. It's a typical pop rock song, and I really like them. I also like them because they are Australian, and they have accents, they are also 16,17, and 18. *mentally sighs*

Ed Sheeran - Cold Coffee
Now if you don't like Ed Sheeran, I don't know how you can't like him because his songs are just so beautiful. They can make you laugh, cry, and comfort eat, because the relationships he describes are too adorable, it's like his albums are basically the soundtrack to 'The Notebook'. Cold Coffee is also a great one, light and fluffy, just how I like Ed.

Demi Lovato - Firestarter
I've been watching Demi from the start, I even watched her in Barnie when I was growing up, by the way that was the best show ever, who doesn't love purple singing and dancing dinasours? I also watched her through her disney days and when things got tough for her. I really respect her as a woman, and I think that her songs are very powerful. Her girlpower ballads are probably the best, and firestarter doesn't disappoint. It's a perfect girly song to start your day off well.

Citizens! - True Romance
This is another great little indie tune that's relaxing, perfect for listening to if you are on the bus to school.

Little Mix - We are Who we are
As you all know I am a bubblegum pop lover, So Little Mix and One Direction are perfect for me. This song is basically wings but with a folkier spin on it, it even says the word 'mamma' a lot, so you can see the similarity, either way it's a great girl tune.

Daughter - Youth
This is the best song ever to fall asleep to, I have it on replay, and the singer (I don't know what there name is) who's written and sang the song's voice is just so angelic and smooth, I love. Definitely one of my more relaxing tunes for you all.

Thanks for reading, what's your back to school playlist? Feel free to let me know who you like to listen to to help you get that extra push for school below.


  1. Great playlist, definitely will make the thought of returning to school less hard! xx


    1. thankyou so much, I'm very happy you like the songs!

  2. Good music! I love Daughter, her music is so good x