Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Browspiration: Rounded Brows

Hi Everyone!
So a couple weeks ago I went to get my eyebrows done, the beautician asked if I could give her a celebrity's picture that she could copy, so I went searching for the perfect brow. Here's some of the eyebrows I chose to go with. I wanted to do a post about MY eyebrows and what I thought about them, but I don't like my face at the moment because I'm having a bit of a trauma with my forehead and spots. Also my camera isn't very good, so you wouldn't be able to see the real quality of the shape.

Marina Diamandis

I've always been a fan of Marina because she's a brilliant singer, and I think she's naturally very pretty. I chose her eyebrows because I wanted mine to be a bit thinner, but still keeping the same level of color, if you know what I mean? Her shape isn't too 'scouse brow' or 'skinny lucy', they're just right and perfect for anyone who just wants a decent pluck.

Beyonce Knowles

I don't think you will ever meet anyone who doesn't think Beyonce is beautiful, or talented. She's been an idol for me since I was a kid and has got to be my main girl crush. Her eybrow shape was the one I went with in the end, because I like slightly curved ones. I didn't go for the little flicks at the end because I think they make me look a little 'unclean' and they don't suit me at all.


Shakira shakiraaaaa. Yep it's the one and only goddess that is Shakira. I went with her thickness because I think it suited my face shape, as I have a similar one to hers. I didn't really like her shape because it's quite odd and wavy in my opinion, and I think it will just look like I have a constant frown on my face.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me what celeb you have brow envy over?

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